#005 Solving the problem about residue of bonderized products to realize a stable supply of clean coolants!


“We want to keep the coolant clean by efficiently collecting the residue of bonderized products.”

⚡Points of the problem faced by the customer⚡

1. Due to the frequent collection of residue of bonderized products, it was a waste of time to stop the machine for cleaning.

2. The residue of bonderized products contaminated the coolant and affected the entire processing schedule.


💡What we can do for the customer💡

Building a fully automated system that can separate the residue of bonderized products from the coolant and collect the residue!

Realizing a stable supply of clean coolant!

Our proposals to solve the customer’s problems are as follows.


1.Simultaneous use of the cyclone “pump” and the cyclone “filter”!

 The fine residues of bonderized products that could not be separated by the cyclone pump are collected by the post-process cyclone filter for more complete collection of the residues.


2.Addition of an aeration system inside the coolant tank!

 The aeration function agitates the precipitated residue of bonderized products in the coolant tank, improving the residue collection efficiency of the cyclone pump.

🔵 Conventional coolants (Before introducing the system)
<Coolants containing residue of bonderized products were discharged.>

🔵After introducing the system
<With two filtration points installed, clean coolants are discharged.>

3.Easy cleaning of the coolant tank!

 Many of our products adopt a front-mounted coolant tank, enabling only the coolant tank to be easily pulled out for cleaning. *There are some models that have different designs.

Effects after introduction


As a result, it has become possible to discharge clean coolants that are not mixed with residues of bonderized products and perform stable processing.

Also, the frequency and man-hours for cleaning have been significantly reduced, resulting in an improvement in the operating rate.

In addition, regular cleaning can now be done easily, which has greatly contributed to reducing operator stress and man-hours.




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