#009 Turning Center equipped with a gantry loader enables both flexible machining and production systems!


"Complicated operations require different machine tools to be used according to the shape of materials."

⚡Points of the problem faced by the customer⚡

1. Workpieces of 65mm or less were processed by a bar machine, while larger ones were made from cut materials by using two units of single-spindle lathes, requiring multiple operators.

2. Due to the high hurdles to implementing automation, labor saving on the production line did not proceed as expected.


💡What we can do for the customer💡

A turning center equipped with a gantry loader, bar feeder, and stocker has achieved efficient automation, while reducing the number of machine tools.

Our proposals to solve the customer’s problems are as follows.


[1] One turning center handles both bar materials and cut materials!

 For bar materials, a bar feeder is installed on the left side of the MT200, while a stocker is incorporated on the right side for cut materials.

 As a result, both bar materials and cut materials can be processed with one machine.

 In addition, if the 3-turret type is chosen, the machine can be equipped with a maximum of 54 cutting tools.

[2] Mounting a gantry loader on the machine allows for easy automation!

🔵Bar material machining cycle

 Bar feeder ➡ Left axis (OP10) ➡ Right axis (OP20) ➡ Gantry loader picking up finished parts ➡ Stocker


🔵Cut material machining cycle

 Stocker ➡Left axis (OP10) ➡ Right axis (OP20) ➡Gantry loader picking up finished parts ➡ Stocker (return)

In this way, the process of loading materials and the process of unloading finished parts have been automated.

Effects after introduction

✨Higher Productivity

  • As the number of machines has been reduced, both the investment cost and required floor space have been saved. 
  • Through the automation, the man-hours of the respective line operators have been dramatically reduced. 
  • By returning the remaining bar material to the stocker with the gantry loader, it has become possible to use the materials without waste. 
  • For the bar materials, the quality has been improved by unloading finished parts with the gantry loader. For the cut materials, the production volume has increased also through the automation using the gantry loader, which allows for machining operations during lunch breaks and after work.



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