#007 After machine installation, the customer can easily change the workpiece flow direction!


"It takes a lot of time and money to change the flow direction of workpieces after machine installation."

⚡Points of the problem faced by the customer⚡
・Remodeling the system cannot be done by the customer’s engineers, so it is necessary to request the manufacturer.
・Some transfer equipment makes it difficult to change the installation location, requiring major modifications or new arrangements.


💡What we can do for the customer💡

This enables customer’s engineers to easily make changes after machine installation without relying on the manufacturer!

Our proposals to solve the customer’s problems are as follows.


1.All the customer has to do is simply call the loader program prepared in advance!

The loader program is created in advance, with the altered flow directions or the replacement of transfer equipment taken into account, and the operation is checked before shipment of the system!

2.No need to make major modifications or new arrangements for transfer equipment! Allowing for flexible line changes!

For example, simply by changing the electrical control panel position of our existing stocker and/or preparing a long cable to the machine, it is possible to install the transfer unit on either the left or right side of the machine.

↓Existing Stocker

↓ Special Stocker

(The blue box is electrical control panel)

Effects after introduction


  • The workpiece flow can be smoothly changed by the customer’s engineers without the need to communicate with the manufacturer for remodeling work.
  • The customer has saved the cost of remodeling the existing transfer equipment or ordering a new one.
  • The flexible machine specifications and transfer equipment have made it easy to shorten the startup time after moving the system to another production line or another factory.



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