【New Product】Front Single-Spindle CNC Turning Center 「MSR60」

Front Single-Spindle CNC Turning Center 「MSR60」by MURATA MACHINERY,LTD.

New Product: Front Single-Spindle CNC Turning Center with Y-axis Function

Muratec has developed the MSR60 front single-spindle CNC turning center equipped with Y-axis function.

It will go on sale from April 1, 2024.

Equipped with Y-axis and milling functions necessary for multi-tasking machining, the machine allows for process integration even against complex-shape workpieces.

Chuck sizes up to 8 inches can be accommodated. With the use of Muratec loader, both machining and material transfer can be flexibly automated to suit the target workpieces.


    Achieving automation “easily”

    Ease of operation and programming

    The front-type machine allows easy access to the chuck and turret, making setup changes and maintenance of live tools easier.

    In addition, the standard “FANUC MANUAL GUIDE i” software enables machining programs to be created easily and quickly when changing workpieces.

    Also, it allows for easy arrangement of transfer programs for both material loading and finished parts unloading cycles.

    Even for customers who will use an automatic machine for the first time, our user-friendly specifications help them to operate the machine easily and efficiently.

    Compact automation layout

    The combination of the front CNC turning center and the 3-axis gantry loader realizes a compact automation layout in a single unit of machine.

    Compared to a larger-scale automated line consisting of manually operated machines and robots, the MSR60 equipped with the gantry loader allows for space-saving automation without requiring safety fences.

    The efficient workflow and the compact design will contribute to improved productivity per unit floor space.

    Compact automation layout by  MURATA MACHINERY,LTD.

    Accepting a broad range of workpieces

    By combining turning and machining center functions, Muratec offers high processing flexibility and enables efficient high-mix, low-volume production.



    For more information about this product or request for a catalog, please feel free to contact us through the Contact link on this website.


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